If we are used to exercising regularly, we can trust us and not give enough importance to heat. On the other hand, if we do not practice sport regularly, good weather and have more free time we can push the healthy habit of exercise. At the end of the day, and summer sports always go hand in hand. However, it is very important to take certain precautions so that we do not carry us a scare. Here we give you five tips for summer sports safely for top 10 summer sports.

To say that exercise is good for health is no longer a novelty and it is a fact that in addition to proven, is public domain. However, not everyone is so aware of how important exercise is how and when it does, adjusting the effort to the characteristics of the person (age, weight, physical training, history of diseases, …).

One of the factors to consider when practicing any kind of physical activity is the temperature of the environment, either indoors or outdoor enclosures. Thus, for example, is not the same playing sports outside in autumn or spring.

Should take advantage of the summer period for physical activity, you should follow a few tips, which includes the portal fame point:

  • Choose the correct time. Preferably, one should exercise early in the morning. If this is not possible, avoid the most sunshine hours.
  • Hydrate. Fluid loss is always an issue to consider when the sport is practiced, but this is accentuated if temperatures are high, so you should drink before, during and after exercise, avoiding carbonated beverages.
  • Adequate rest. As important as to properly compensate physical activity is a proper rest, both respecting the precise hours of sleep, and avoiding overexertion, which is always counterproductive.
  • If you exercise outdoors, do not forget the sunscreen. Although very often protected from the sun with appropriate creams (to a degree suitable filter) often forget to go jogging or play a game of any outdoor sport we can expose to the sun as much or more than if we were taking the sun lying in the sand. It is for this reason that the protection must be correct in all situations.
  • Food. In every situation, the supply must be adequate consumption that makes our body at all times. Thus, it is not the same maintain a life with little physical activity sports major physical wear frequently. Therefore, feeding, always healthy, should not be the same, but fit for consumption.
  • Maintaining unhealthy habits (snuff, excess alcohol, other unhealthy substances, …) hurt when sports and not allow us to fully take advantage of the benefits of a lifetime of healthy physical activity.
  • Proper attire. Both shoes and clothing to relocate during the performance of sport must be right for such activity, but also aimed at the ambient temperature in which we go to practice. A constant theme in this regard is that the main thing is that clothes and shoes are comfortable, so avoid discomfort and injury.
  • Summer is a very useful time for exercise and this can be a cornerstone of our health, especially if these other tips respected and reflected in the web Recommendations for exercise in summer.
  • Never practice sport between 12 and 17 hours. According to the Federation of Sports Medicine, the worst hours for sports they are between 12 and 17 hours. Are the times when it gets hot so we should avoid and strive for the different physical or early in the morning or late in the afternoon activities.
  • Eat properly. Two hours before performing any physical activity makes a light and balanced meal. Do not forget the fruit and carbohydrates. In addition, the vegetables will provide a good amount of water, essential for proper hydration.
  • Drink water before, during and after exercise. To avoid injuries and heat stroke is essential to good hydration before, during and after exercise. If our muscles do not have enough water they are more likely to be injured so we must drink water at regular intervals. We can also choose sports drinks, which provide carbohydrates and minerals that help maintain an adequate concentration of glucose in the blood, replenish electrolytes and keep us hydrated. Of course, none of the excessively cold liquids.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. Although at first and late in the day the sun’s rays are weaker, we protect ourselves from the sun with a suitable cream. Search high and sweat resistant factors. And in the head … best a cap!
  • Take advantage of summer sports. Why strive to run under a scorching sun if we can enjoy water sports? It seems common sense, but what better than the summer to encourage us to practice other sports that we can not perform usually as open water swimming, surfing or kayaking?


The origin of skateboarding

In truth, the ancestor of skateboarding has appeared in the 30s; it was called “scooter.”

At the time, no need to take skating lessons for fun had to improvise: the skate was kind of makeshift scooter that children whose parents do not have the financial means, had transformed: recovering two old shoes, had just nailed a crate and a bracket that served handlebar on skates.

After that, the handlebar was quickly abandoned because its function limited movement; it further served to support, not to direct the device as a true scooter.

For those who know the movie “Back to the Future,” a quick glance is made in the first episode of the trilogy where one discovers Marty McFly in the 50s chased by other young people who are in the car.

The hero then knows one of these scooters and pulls the handle to transform skateboard.

The surf mode

In the mid-50s, fashion is surfing and the, in particular, roll-surfing otherwise had the “surfboard”.

The first skateboards were created and used by surfers who wanted to continue surfing the days when there were no waves, so they defined the skate as from alternative to surfing the sidewalks: the “sidewalk surfboard” was born.

The 60s

Over the years and until the mid-60s, the skate will undergo many technological changes, whether both the material of the wheels than the board.

Its dimensions and forms will also change, which will help to gain popularity among the youth of the sixties.

A first brand embarks on marketing skate: Makaha Skateboards launched by Larry Stevenson is now considered the pioneer in selling skateboards.

The 70s

Without even skate courses exist, the first skateboarding competition was held in 1963, and the phenomenon becomes global.

With brands that develop also appear the first dress codes as the first shoes of the brand Van’s, we will cross all the skaters feet.

However, the California style began to tire and then skate experienced its first decline in popularity.

The 80s

Debit 80s, skateboarding, is forgotten.

The practice is still urban and skateboarders use the configurations of their city as they like to surf.

New techniques appear skate like jumping space, skipping steps.

At the same time, practice on the ramps is becoming increasingly popular, becoming fashionable but it remains a sport practiced by a minority of all aficionados.

The film “Back to the Future” brings back the day skateboarding, which tends to popularize it again.

The 90s

At that time one, skateboarding becomes more technical, ignoring the aesthetics and new figures appear as the flip or the switch that requires skating with the leg opposite to that call.

Skate over then begin to grow everywhere in France, Europe and worldwide.

Modern skateboarding was born, and nearly 20 new figures are listed in a few years as the kickflip or heelflip.

The hip-hop movement that knows an extraordinary success over the years allows the skateboard to know a popular revival: very large skateboarders contribute to this reputation like Tony Hawk, Mark Gonzales or Spike Jones.

The 2000s

For 15 years now, the skateboarding universe has nothing to prove to the public; it has become a fully-fledged sport, and a cool way to get around that is part of everyday life.

Its identity is stable for many, skateboarding; this is both a way of life, sports and culture that constantly seeks to evolve.

Regarding the aspect of skateboarding, it is also changed: the wheels are smaller, and even tinier and skateboards are called matches.

Each skater starts developing their own more or less inspired by the technical surfer style. If you want to update the latest review of best longboards for beginners, visit the website topsportsbrands.com

Skate Anatomy (and skateboarder)

The skateboard is a wood board that is subject to metal bearings called “trucks” and 4 wheels plastic.

Skateboards differ in their decorations, including graphics.

Indeed, we do not skate in sportswear; we do not wear shorts or basketball: like surfing, skateboarding practiced with the only outfit that reflects a state of mind with specific symbols, colors variegated (especially in the 80s).

The clothing manufacturers understand and offer trouser styles, sweatshirts (with hoodie among others), shoes that are both cool and tough: the aim is to show that skateboarding is the extension the skater, an extension of your lifestyle and way of looking at the world.

Skateboarding is an object that can carry anywhere with you; it is used to move naturally, but it also allows to stage the body, to distinguish themselves from others by appropriating space and the environment.

Always on the move, the skater and skate are on the lookout for the unexpected, new feelings and new spatial configurations, new sensations. They quickly leave skate lessons to their experience.

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Softball bats baseball bats differ from the barrel size and weight. It is important to distinguish between softball and baseball bats when you are choosing the best softball bats for you. Because they are physically different standards for the size, they are also different. Bat size depends on your height, weight, age, fast or slowpitch softball bat, and personal skill level.

Fastpitch vs. Slowpitch Softball Bat

There is two types of softball bats: fast and fast release step. Fastpitch bat has a “bottle design bat” that makes it resemble a bottle. The bat tapers from the barrel, which lasted for the more striking surface. Fastpitch bat is lighter for faster swing time.

One way to slow pitch bat is similar to baseball bats. Each has a softball bat Bat Performance Factor (BPF) to determine their level of performance. All softball bats must have a BPF of 1.20.

Determine Length

There are certain rules when it comes to softball size. For example, there is a letter under the second reference indicating the duration of the bat based on age: 24 to 26 inches for children from 5 to 7, then up to 34 inches to 17 onwards. You can also determine the length of his bat by your height and weight. This letter will give a full recommendation and accurate information on the size of your stick. You need to know your height in inches and your weight in pounds to use the table. A 65-inch is between 131 and 140 pounds needs a bat 33 inches, according to the table in the second reference.

Determine Weight

Most bats are weighted in ounces. The weight of a bat is known as its “fall.” Gout is the pole length less weight. There are standards set by the leagues that make a minimal decline for different age groups. But beyond that, the selection of his bat weight depends on its strength and style to hit. Young players must use a lighter bat, giving them a faster swing. Players younger citizens and older should also choose a lighter bat for ease of use. The larger, heavier and stronger players can use a heavier bat will allow them to put all of his strength in his stroke and swing.

How Does A Vice Softball Bat

Every softball player wants to get the most out of your bat. After a softball bat is connectedwith a ball of several hundred times, the fibers in the barrel section. This stretching action causes the softball bat to become much more powerful. However, instead of hitting a softball several hundred times, these fibers can be stretched placing the stick in a vice. Here’s how Vice softball bat so you can get the maximum power of your swing.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Softball bat
  • Bat vice or bat roller


  1. Insert the end of softball bat barrel in a vice. Enter the bat so that the top half inch looms across the vice bat. Mostly, you are aiming to roll the barrel of the bat and do not need to worry about the area around the cap.
  2. Tighten the tight grip on the bat as you would any vice. Make sure the pressure is firm without being extreme. Different types of softball have different wall thicknesses, so that the barrel of the bat, can handle more pressure. Read about the specifications of your boat to go to the website of the company that produces his bat. You will be able to find information about bat makeup, the length of the bat, bat, bat weight and wall thickness for major brands softball bats.
  3. Roll up the bat through the machine. Roll up the bat through the machine vice until you reach the thinnest part of the bat just above the hand grips. You may hear some cracks of light or explosion. This is positive since the fibers are stretched.
  4. Repeat rolling bat at least 100 times. To throw the bat properly, the pressure must be applied again and again. Slowly slide the bat back and forth until this is achieved.
  5. Reposition the softball bat. Because the pressure rollers only on a small area of the surface of the bat, the bat should be turned to make sure he was “faced” uniformly apply. Repeat this process until all the softball bat barrel has been removed.
  6. Try the stick. After the bat has been the vice president, take him to the batting cage. You should notice some extra pop when you hit the softball.


When selecting a stereo head unit for your car, what do you care about most? Should you buy the latest model or should you buy a double din head unit for sale to save some money?

What are features that users often look for in a double din head unit?

  • Radio:
    • This is the most basic feature that any stereo head unit has, even before CDs and MP3 inputs was invented.
    • Even though nowadays, most stereo head units are capable of more advanced technology, the radio tuner is still one of the more important features.
  • Media playing capabilities:
    • Sound: Can the head unit play MP3 and other types of music format?
    • Video (CDs, DVDs…): Can the unit play video? How is the quality of the video? How many types of format can it play? Can the unit play videos when the car is on the go?
    • Display: Does it only have a LED screen or does it have a large touchscreen to play videos and view rear camera? How large is the screen? Is the screen fast and responsive enough?
  • Bluetooth:
    • Many users would love to have Bluetooth connectivity in their head units. Since the feature offers a wireless option to connect devices to the head unit. Users can then have control over their devices on the interface of the unit such as: Make phone calls, listen to and compose texts, access to the music library, receive directions…
    • How many Bluetooth devices can the unit support? Does the unit disown the Bluetooth devices whenever you turn off the engine?
  • Customizable controls on stereo: You might want to customize the sound to your liking by tweaking the sound of your music using the Equalizer sliders.
  • Steering wheel controls: Allows the drivers to change stations, adjust the volume…without having to take off their hands.
  • GPS capability: This feature is very helpful for those who are not good at directions.

How to find out the best stereo head unit for your car? Instead of just looking for the newest model that is integrated with many cool features that you are not going be able to make the most use out of it, why not prioritizing which features that you want the most? That way you can choose the most suitable head unit for your car and save some money at the same time.

Because let’s think about it, why would anyone want to spend extra money on features that you don’t need or find them annoying? And if you favor Android devices over iPhones but the latest head unit compliments iOS devices the best or does not support your devices at all?

Pioneer AVH-X2800BS

In-Dash DVD Receiver/ 6.2 inch LCD Display/ Bluetooth/ SiriusXM-Ready/ 13 band equalizer


Works with Spotify for iPhone and Android/ FLAC Audio playback/ Pandora / Bluetooth


  • Built-in Bluetooth: The Pioneer AVH-X2800BS offers convenient and safe Bluetooth experience for drivers. The unit can even support up to 2 devices at the same time.
  • Siri Eyes Free: Allows you to make calls, choose songs, listen and compose texts… by your voice.
  • Fast and responsive touch screen with Pioneer’s Touch technology and NEX interface: The 6.2 inch LCD screen plays videos in bright and clear detail when the car is in the park.
  • MIXTRAX: Creates a DJ mix of your tracks with DJ sound and lighting effects. This gives you a great experience of a Club party night right in your own car.
  • You can customize your own colors of illumination to match your mood or your interior lighting.
  • SiriusXM ready.
  • Backup camera.
  • Produces powerful and crisp sound and video: The Pioneer AVH-X2800BS has nice EQ settings.
  • Good design
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Many wires when it comes to playing DVDs, rear view and microphone.
  • A little laggy when switching music on iPhone with a USB.

Writing a blog is my passion and I feel that the information and the experience that I have can be shared with people so that they can make the most out of it. Also, this is a kind of tribute to my father a way I remember him. My hobby was to listen to the stories of my father, he was a truck driver and I was the only son of my father so he used to share his experience with me. Due to this hobby, I was fond of the trucks and the music since my childhood and now I have got my blog to share my experience and my passion towards the music with you. At http://www.mrvehicle.net , I am going to provide you all kinds of stories that can be useful for you.


The course of a game of paintball is often the same from one field to another and is fairly simple to understand. First of all, if you have never practiced, I already advise you to read the article “safety rules” the Baba.

So when you start your first game, here’s how it will take place:

  • Removing material: pitcher, ball, pots, masks, air bottle (make sure it is filled in 2000 or 3000 PSI), and combination
  • Apply locally the instructions on organizers if someone in your group has made paintball
  • Fill your balls pots to have on during games
  • Test your equipment, if possible in a zone for some courses provide for shooting ranges
  • Visit a field, and set a scenario with your group
  • Find more best paintball gun

If you hit an opponent, and he shows that he was hit by an “out”, and he gets up, stop shooting him, nothing is more annoying to receive balls painful when we do play more. Remember that paintball is a hobby; do not take your head on the ground with an opponent who refuses to leave when you have touched.

If your turn you get hit and the ball break on you or your launcher, accept it and signify your opponent that you are out: paintball is played fair play, no need to remove traces of paint to continue play; you will have other opportunities to shoot the balls! So go to your regeneration zone without running up the pitcher, and once in the area, you can play normally.

At the end of the game, take stock of your reserves balls and air. If redone need topping up air does not start a game with less than 1500 PSI, you’ll risk being short.

Once finished the day, if your hardware is up to you, disassemble for transport (Canon and air cylinder).

Final advice for your first game if you have the opportunity, play only with beginners who have the same launcher you. I often organize meetings with beginners; they are unanimous (and it is logical) that they have more fun when there is no difference in level between the players. There is nothing worse than to start and get rolling; it gives no desire to start!

The terms of paintball

Here is a glossary of terms used in paintball, it is not exhaustive, so please help me to complete it:

Out: When one is affected, it is “out”. This is also what we shout to an opponent when it comes to the track

Exit the way: when is less than 5m, it is forbidden to shoot an opponent, then they shout “out” to indicate that he was released

Backpack: This is a pot holder, different vest because it can only carry the pots

Pitcher / Marker: it is the “weapon” used to launch the ball, it does not say “weapon” because it is not one!

Stock class: This is the first throwers

Chrony: a device used to measure the output speedball, it must not exceed 265.

Respawn / regeneration: it is the area where you begin the game when you hit you will return to this area by walking

Electro / Meca: the launchers can be mechanical, i.e., there are no electronic aids, so you can shoot the balls one by one, in contrast to Electronic when the rate of fire can be adjusted (up to 12 balls per second)

Loader: box which accommodates the balls, according to the models may be more or less changed to facilitate feeding of the balls in the pitcher

Camo / Neon: The camo (camouflage) is the paintball in the forest with launchers which can be customized, unlike fluorescent which is usually played on small fields with inflatable obstacles.

Calibre: the beads have all the same size: 0.68 inches in diameter. Except for certain stock, class requiring beads 0.43.

About Mark C. Kinsman

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Leaving the grass cut by the Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower is an option only for mulching. Your lawnmower chose, you need to ask you about the destination of the cut grass. Mulching offers the possibility of not having to pick up the lawn, some useful tips on mulching.

What is mulching?

Mulching is a multiple of the grinding method of the grass cut by the mower. It reduces the blades of grass into fine particles during the shearing and avoids the collection of grass.
Mulching is in the form of a lawn mower of equipment that produces a cut end of the lawn hash reducing it into small particles that fall to the ground and enrich as compost.

The mulching blade

Mulching is created by a unique blade and a casing of the ejection shutter. The mulching blade is equipped with specific blades and sharp double. The fins create a vortex of air that keeps the clippings suspended in the housing, and blades finely grind until the particles fall to the ground.

The ejection valve is a component that is on the mower deck and just hides out grass to prevent it from leaving and oblige him to stay in the housing ample time to fine chopping. These devices are most often sold in an optional mulching kit for your mower. Always ask before buying the machine with a mulching kit is for the coveted model. If the mulching kit is an option on most lawn mowers, there are factory fitted with variable mulching mowers.

Maneuvering a lever on the mower then lowered more or less ejection of the grass by the casing and holds it in suspension longer in the housing to be ground more finely.
If you opt for mulching, consider using more frequently the Ripper, the émousseur and lawn aerator.

Mulching or collection?

Always use one of these methods, mulching prevents the collection without mulching, pick. The cut grass left on the ground from a felt mat smothering grass and preventing water and nutrients to penetrate the soil and feed your grass.

Fermenting, the cut grass left on the ground would promote the emergence of mushrooms, lichens and fungal diseases that cause yellowing and dieback of the lawn. The grass collection is done during mowing through the collector.

Mower maintenance

Mowing quality, cutting speed and durability of the mower, maintenance guide elements of your lawn mower. Support of various parts of the mower is important. It will ensure the longevity of the mower and use. Now that you use your mower, you’ll have to perform specific maintenance of each item.

Whatever the mower housing material, the minimum of maintenance to be performed is an interior and exterior cleaning house after each mowing session. To clean inside the casing of the central mower, you will have to tilt the mower to access the interior of the housing.

Depending on the type of mower:

  • On a petrol lawnmower engine off, always be sure to disconnect the spark plug wire before servicing. Thermal mower must be tilted or behind the handle then resting on the ground or on the side where the muffler is located. The opposite side is where the air filter is always kept above the engine: it is essential to prevent the engine oil flows into the carburetor.
  • On an electric mower, make sure the power cord is disconnected or the battery removed.
    Always wear gauntlets for your hands and wrists will rub shoulders with the mower blade, cutting risks.

The housing of the cleaning is done with a wooden or plastic tool that will not scratch the casing, by dropping the grass glued to the housing. Then, a water jet will clean clippings.

After drying, always remember to spray inside and outside of the casing a waterproof lubricant (penetrating oil type) to avoid corrosion and to limit future hanging blades of grass. Enjoy having the waterproof bomb grease (penetrating oil type) hand to spray on cables and linkage of the handlebars and engine.

Do you find this post useful? Do you want to contribute some more tips, advice or any practical experiences? Feel free to comment to help us improve our post. Thank you for reading!