The course of a game of paintball is often the same from one field to another and is fairly simple to understand. First of all, if you have never practiced, I already advise you to read the article “safety rules” the Baba.

So when you start your first game, here’s how it will take place:

  • Removing material: pitcher, ball, pots, masks, air bottle (make sure it is filled in 2000 or 3000 PSI), and combination
  • Apply locally the instructions on organizers if someone in your group has made paintball
  • Fill your balls pots to have on during games
  • Test your equipment, if possible in a zone for some courses provide for shooting ranges
  • Visit a field, and set a scenario with your group
  • Find more best paintball gun

If you hit an opponent, and he shows that he was hit by an “out”, and he gets up, stop shooting him, nothing is more annoying to receive balls painful when we do play more. Remember that paintball is a hobby; do not take your head on the ground with an opponent who refuses to leave when you have touched.

If your turn you get hit and the ball break on you or your launcher, accept it and signify your opponent that you are out: paintball is played fair play, no need to remove traces of paint to continue play; you will have other opportunities to shoot the balls! So go to your regeneration zone without running up the pitcher, and once in the area, you can play normally.

At the end of the game, take stock of your reserves balls and air. If redone need topping up air does not start a game with less than 1500 PSI, you’ll risk being short.

Once finished the day, if your hardware is up to you, disassemble for transport (Canon and air cylinder).

Final advice for your first game if you have the opportunity, play only with beginners who have the same launcher you. I often organize meetings with beginners; they are unanimous (and it is logical) that they have more fun when there is no difference in level between the players. There is nothing worse than to start and get rolling; it gives no desire to start!

The terms of paintball

Here is a glossary of terms used in paintball, it is not exhaustive, so please help me to complete it:

Out: When one is affected, it is “out”. This is also what we shout to an opponent when it comes to the track

Exit the way: when is less than 5m, it is forbidden to shoot an opponent, then they shout “out” to indicate that he was released

Backpack: This is a pot holder, different vest because it can only carry the pots

Pitcher / Marker: it is the “weapon” used to launch the ball, it does not say “weapon” because it is not one!

Stock class: This is the first throwers

Chrony: a device used to measure the output speedball, it must not exceed 265.

Respawn / regeneration: it is the area where you begin the game when you hit you will return to this area by walking

Electro / Meca: the launchers can be mechanical, i.e., there are no electronic aids, so you can shoot the balls one by one, in contrast to Electronic when the rate of fire can be adjusted (up to 12 balls per second)

Loader: box which accommodates the balls, according to the models may be more or less changed to facilitate feeding of the balls in the pitcher

Camo / Neon: The camo (camouflage) is the paintball in the forest with launchers which can be customized, unlike fluorescent which is usually played on small fields with inflatable obstacles.

Calibre: the beads have all the same size: 0.68 inches in diameter. Except for certain stock, class requiring beads 0.43.

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An exercise bike is still used by countless people. Namely, the exercise bike is an ideal fitness equipment for cardio training. Thus, the exercise bike is useful for:

  • Losing weight
  • Burn fat (fat)
  • Condition (heart-lung)

An exercise bike can get bored very quickly if you have enough variety, intensity, challenge and build in targets. For this reason, a training exercise bike an absolute must. So here a varied, intense and challenging program which is schedule for exercise bike …If you are looking for an exercise bike for the training, read recumbent exercise bike reviews here.

Contents of the article:

  • Lose weight with exercise bike & training
  • Lose weight with exercise bike …
  • Exercise Bike training for weight loss!
  • Intervals = lose weight with exercise bike
  • Ideal heart rates for weight loss with exercise bike
  • Conclusion

Lose weight with exercise bike & training

Below is an effective program to lose weight with an exercise bike. The training for the exercise bike is based on some rotations per minute (RPM). By far the most modern bikes have a built-in computer that you can read the following values and set:

  • Speed (kilometers per hour)
  • Period (in minutes)
  • Rotations (per minute)
  • Intensity (resistance)
  • Heart rate (per minute)
  • Preprogrammed level

Note: To use this training exercise bike to lose weight, then at least you serve your particular device to read the rotations per minute …

Lose weight with exercise bike …

It is extremely useful if you have a ‘level’ or ‘level’ can set up your exercise bike. With one press is then used some specific functionalities of a button. Setting a level means that you are using a particular difficulty …

The below program for the trainer is entirely based on the number of rotations per minute (RPM). The rotations have you completely in your hands. After all, the faster you “cycle”, the more rotations. Set in this training exercise bike at a level that suits your current fitness level and experience. Increase the resistance as the level you go off too easily. And reduce the resistance if the level proves too cumbersome.

Exercise Bike training for weight loss!

Following training exercise bike is an effective exercise bike program for 37 minutes. This super-effective training for the bike:

00:00 to 00:00 (0 min.) – Set Common resistor
00:00 to 00:05 (5 min.) – Warm up (40 RPM)
00:05 to 00:10 (5 min.) – Accelerating (80 RPM)
00:10 to 00:12 (2 min.) – Further accelerate (100 RPM)
00:12 to 00:14 (2 min.) – Slow (60 rpm)
00:14 to 00:19 (5 min.) – Accelerating (80 RPM)
00:19 to 00:21 (2 min.) – Further accelerate (100 RPM)
00:21 to 00:23 (2 min.) – Slow (60 rpm)
00:23 to 00:28 (5 min.) – Accelerating (80 RPM)
00:28 to 00:30 (2 min.) – Further accelerate (100 RPM)
00:30 to 00:32 (2 min.) – Slow (60 rpm)
00:32 to 00:37 (5 min.) – Cooling down (40 RPM)

This is a very effective exercise routine for losing weight with an exercise bike. Read the time duration per rotation speed to a stopwatch.

Intervals = lose weight with exercise bike

The above training for the exercise bike is ideal for losing weight because it works with intervals. You change very fast stages namely with extremely slow “bike”, so some variation occurs regarding intensity. This is excellent if you want to lose weight with an exercise bike because research shows that intervals are extremely effective for fat loss.

Ideal heart rates for weight loss with exercise bike

It is convenient to use a heart rate monitor. For losing weight and burning fat is it important to maintain an ideal heart rate for weight loss. The ideal heart rate for weight loss is around 125 beats per minute for a young adult, around 110 for the fifties and 90 for a seventies; This differs logically from one individual and is dependent on, among other things, age and fitness level. Go with your training for the trainer never above 170 or sit under 120.


If you want to lose weight optimally with the exercise bike, then you bring the above training three times a week in practice. Use the program or scheme for the exercise bike, for example, Monday, Wednesday & Friday. You burn about 400 calories per exercise session, and you can also listen to music or watch TV during the “home training”!

Do you find this article useful? Have you tried the training schedule for the exercise bike? What do you think of the above program? Do you have other tips for this training program? Let us know whether you have already lost weight with an exercise bike in the comment…