Anytime Fitness: Membership Fees and Prices

Anytime Fitness is a renowned gym that has its roots in Minnesota. It has experienced seismic growth now boasting of 3000 locations and over 3 million clients in several countries.  After opening their first international location in Canada, they have now spread wings to other countries which are Japan, Netherlands, Mexico, United Kingdom, Qatar, Poland, Australia, Grand Cayman, Poland, and New Zealand. It is among the fastest growing fitness club worldwide.

It endears customers with perks such as 24/7 gym access, discounts, health and fitness app. Their manifesto is to “Improve the self-esteem of the world”. It is easy to see why anyone would want to join Anytime Fitness gym.

But the big question is how much does it cost to join Anytime Fitness? In this article, we will give  you a cost breakdown to help you get a sneak peek of how much you should be ready to part with to get Anytime’s membership.

 Membership Fees and Contacts

Anytime Fitness membership fees and contracts vary depending on amenities, the type of membership you subscribe for and location. This is because individual franchisees own and operate each franchise gym independently. Typically, the average cost for monthly membership ranges from $30 to $36. However, some clubs membership can cost $39 for annual membership while others may charge as much as $44 for monthly membership. Annual rates usually range between $450 and $500.

 This gym also offers discounts to members. For instance, each month, the top female and male attendees get a free monthly membership. This is a great chance to save some money if you are a “gym rat”. Check out these awesome exercising tips.

Single members Vs Two Adults

Applying as a couple can prove to be cheaper than an individual application. Initiation fees for one member can cost up to $50. The monthly fee costs between $30 and $40 while prepay annual fee costs $400-$500. For two adults, the monthly fee is between $50 and $70 while prepay annual fee ranges from $700-$800. Initiation cost for two adults costs $100 at most.

Generally, Anytime offers affordable services compared to most popular gym chains in the country. Even an average working individual can manage to service a monthly membership. It is, therefore, a gym of choice to most people thanks to their affordable services.

The best part is that with a single membership, you get access to the numerous anytime location globally. This means that you can enjoy Anytime Fitness anywhere at no extra cost. If you travel a lot, can go to the nearest anytime gym at no extra cost. However, several Anytime Fitness gyms give members free access to a single location.

Discount and Promotion

Anytime Fitness offers, promotions, and discount which may affect the membership fees charged in a particular location. The cancelation fees and policy also may vary depending on the state. Contact the nearby Anytime Fitness gym to get precise price details.

Activation Fees

The activation fee for anytime members is $50. Anytime Fitness Company has a program called “no member left behind”. Under this program, new members get nutritional recommendation, two complimentary training sessions and a personalized workout plan for 30 days free of charge.

Invitation Bonus

If you invite friends and family members to join Anytime Fitness, they offer a free month bonus to you. You will get a free membership for one year if you get for or more people to join the club. The $50 activation fee is relatively low, given that most fitness center charge are in excess of $75. This perks and initial fees are tailored for Anytime’s members. According to customer reviews it is hard to find such offers in other fitness clubs and hence making Anytime fitness a truly unique gym.

Key Fob Deposit

Although Anytime Fitness boasts of affordable membership fees, you should understand the contract fully before signing. The reason is that there is a hidden charge known as key fob deposit, amounting to $86, which does not appear on its advertised online fees structure. According to the company, the fee is refundable after your annual membership has lapsed. Similarly, if you subscribe to a trial membership to use the gym after business hours, you will be charged a $38 fob key deposit.

Cancel membership

You home gym or location where you joined manages customers’ membership. Since gyms are owned and operated independently. The cancelation policies also vary. Membership agreement is clearly outlined specific cancelation policies. Should you wish to cancel the membership, you can find the cancellation fees information on membership agreement page on Anytime fitness website.

Health Benefits of Outdoor Sport

Do you know that outdoor physical activities have been associated with good health and a longer life?  That said, a lot of people are too busy to spend at least 30 minutes daily exercising their body. That is the reason why there are increase illnesses like heart attack and diabetes. The health benefits of outdoor recreation activities cannot be overlooked.  Here are some science-backed benefits of engaging in outdoor sport:

  • Reduction in the risk of heart attack

According to a recent survey, it was discovered that people that engage in one or more forms of vigorous exercise for at least three hours every week have a lower risk of heart attack.  Also, researcher found out that people that work out vigorous has a high amount of vitamin D.  The reason for this, as explained, is that people who exercise are more exposed to the sun that boosts their vitamin D level. And, individuals lacking vitamin have a higher chance of developing heart disease. According to the research conducted on the effect of vitamin D deficiency in the body, it was discovered that those with lowest Vitamin C level have higher chances of developing heart attack and they are 81 percent more likely to die than those having adequate amount of the vitamin in their body.

  • It improves sleep

A study conducted in 2015 showed that older adults and men that spend considerable time in green spaces enjoyed improved sleep.  The importance of high-quality sleep cannot be overestimated. You should not be oblivious of the fact that one of the major reasons for decline in physical and mental health is inadequate sleep. Other attendant effects of inadequate sleep are increased obesity and diminished cognitive function.

  • A healthier heart rate

One of the main benefits you stand to gain from constant outdoor workout is a healthy heart. According to the research conducted in 2016, it was discovered that people that engage in one outdoor activities or the other have a stable and balanced heart rate.

  • Lower blood pressure

Outdoor sport protects the young ones from developing heart disease, diabetes, and even short-sightedness.  A study conducted in 2014 backed up this fact.  It was discovered that children who viewed the video of natural scenes while biking had a reduced blood pressure five minutes after the exercise compared children that did not see the video.

  • Longer Life

It has been discovered that people who engaged in daily outdoor activities like jogging, walking, as well as energy demanding interval training live longer than people that do not engage in any of this activities.  Adding more years to your life is possible through regular outdoor activities. When talking a walk in the morning or any time of the day you choose, you can boost your endurance significantly by listening to music. It has been discovered by American council of exercise that listening to music while jogging or walking will raise your endurance level by 15 percent. That gives you a good reason to take your headphones along when going for a walkout.

  • A brings about a brighter mood

Five minutes of work out in a natural setting can make a big difference. Activities that you can engage in are hiking, riding, cycling, and gardening. The exercise benefits your mental health by improving your sense of personal wellbeing, raising your mood and self esteem. A study conducted on more than 1,200 individuals revealed that outdoor exercise is connected with greater feeling of energy and rejuvenation, reduction of depression, anger, and confusion, than indoor exercise.  Therefore, it is recommended that you create a time for outdoor workout to reap the health benefit associated with it.