Health Benefits of Outdoor Sport

Do you know that outdoor physical activities have been associated with good health and a longer life?  That said, a lot of people are too busy to spend at least 30 minutes daily exercising their body. That is the reason why there are increase illnesses like heart attack and diabetes. The health benefits of outdoor recreation activities cannot be overlooked.  Here are some science-backed benefits of engaging in outdoor sport:

  • Reduction in the risk of heart attack

According to a recent survey, it was discovered that people that engage in one or more forms of vigorous exercise for at least three hours every week have a lower risk of heart attack.  Also, researcher found out that people that work out vigorous has a high amount of vitamin D.  The reason for this, as explained, is that people who exercise are more exposed to the sun that boosts their vitamin D level. And, individuals lacking vitamin have a higher chance of developing heart disease. According to the research conducted on the effect of vitamin D deficiency in the body, it was discovered that those with lowest Vitamin C level have higher chances of developing heart attack and they are 81 percent more likely to die than those having adequate amount of the vitamin in their body.

  • It improves sleep

A study conducted in 2015 showed that older adults and men that spend considerable time in green spaces enjoyed improved sleep.  The importance of high-quality sleep cannot be overestimated. You should not be oblivious of the fact that one of the major reasons for decline in physical and mental health is inadequate sleep. Other attendant effects of inadequate sleep are increased obesity and diminished cognitive function.

  • A healthier heart rate

One of the main benefits you stand to gain from constant outdoor workout is a healthy heart. According to the research conducted in 2016, it was discovered that people that engage in one outdoor activities or the other have a stable and balanced heart rate.

  • Lower blood pressure

Outdoor sport protects the young ones from developing heart disease, diabetes, and even short-sightedness.  A study conducted in 2014 backed up this fact.  It was discovered that children who viewed the video of natural scenes while biking had a reduced blood pressure five minutes after the exercise compared children that did not see the video.

  • Longer Life

It has been discovered that people who engaged in daily outdoor activities like jogging, walking, as well as energy demanding interval training live longer than people that do not engage in any of this activities.  Adding more years to your life is possible through regular outdoor activities. When talking a walk in the morning or any time of the day you choose, you can boost your endurance significantly by listening to music. It has been discovered by American council of exercise that listening to music while jogging or walking will raise your endurance level by 15 percent. That gives you a good reason to take your headphones along when going for a walkout.

  • A brings about a brighter mood

Five minutes of work out in a natural setting can make a big difference. Activities that you can engage in are hiking, riding, cycling, and gardening. The exercise benefits your mental health by improving your sense of personal wellbeing, raising your mood and self esteem. A study conducted on more than 1,200 individuals revealed that outdoor exercise is connected with greater feeling of energy and rejuvenation, reduction of depression, anger, and confusion, than indoor exercise.  Therefore, it is recommended that you create a time for outdoor workout to reap the health benefit associated with it.