Health Benefits of Outdoor Sport

Do you know that outdoor physical activities have been associated with good health and a longer life?  That said, a lot of people are too busy to spend at least 30 minutes daily exercising their body. That is the reason why there are increase illnesses like heart attack and diabetes. The health benefits of outdoor recreation activities cannot be overlooked.  Here are some science-backed benefits of engaging in outdoor sport:

  • Reduction in the risk of heart attack

According to a recent survey, it was discovered that people that engage in one or more forms of vigorous exercise for at least three hours every week have a lower risk of heart attack.  Also, researcher found out that people that work out vigorous has a high amount of vitamin D.  The reason for this, as explained, is that people who exercise are more exposed to the sun that boosts their vitamin D level. And, individuals lacking vitamin have a higher chance of developing heart disease. According to the research conducted on the effect of vitamin D deficiency in the body, it was discovered that those with lowest Vitamin C level have higher chances of developing heart attack and they are 81 percent more likely to die than those having adequate amount of the vitamin in their body.

  • It improves sleep

A study conducted in 2015 showed that older adults and men that spend considerable time in green spaces enjoyed improved sleep.  The importance of high-quality sleep cannot be overestimated. You should not be oblivious of the fact that one of the major reasons for decline in physical and mental health is inadequate sleep. Other attendant effects of inadequate sleep are increased obesity and diminished cognitive function.

  • A healthier heart rate

One of the main benefits you stand to gain from constant outdoor workout is a healthy heart. According to the research conducted in 2016, it was discovered that people that engage in one outdoor activities or the other have a stable and balanced heart rate.

  • Lower blood pressure

Outdoor sport protects the young ones from developing heart disease, diabetes, and even short-sightedness.  A study conducted in 2014 backed up this fact.  It was discovered that children who viewed the video of natural scenes while biking had a reduced blood pressure five minutes after the exercise compared children that did not see the video.

  • Longer Life

It has been discovered that people who engaged in daily outdoor activities like jogging, walking, as well as energy demanding interval training live longer than people that do not engage in any of this activities.  Adding more years to your life is possible through regular outdoor activities. When talking a walk in the morning or any time of the day you choose, you can boost your endurance significantly by listening to music. It has been discovered by American council of exercise that listening to music while jogging or walking will raise your endurance level by 15 percent. That gives you a good reason to take your headphones along when going for a walkout.

  • A brings about a brighter mood

Five minutes of work out in a natural setting can make a big difference. Activities that you can engage in are hiking, riding, cycling, and gardening. The exercise benefits your mental health by improving your sense of personal wellbeing, raising your mood and self esteem. A study conducted on more than 1,200 individuals revealed that outdoor exercise is connected with greater feeling of energy and rejuvenation, reduction of depression, anger, and confusion, than indoor exercise.  Therefore, it is recommended that you create a time for outdoor workout to reap the health benefit associated with it.

The Best Fitness Tracker in 2019 to Monitor your Activities and Health

Fitness trackers provide a great way to keep track of your health and activities with minimal effort. With the market now well established, there is an array of option when it comes to choosing a suitable fitness tracker. There is something for everyone, especially in terms of preferences and price.  Thanks to technological advancement, newer fitness tracking devices have taken things a notch higher by monitor activities such as heart rate, step count, and exercise with great accuracy. This wrist wraps constantly measures step count, sleep, sleep quality and many more.

Choosing an ideal fitness track can be a daunting task, given the gazillion of options available. To narrow down the options consider the following:

  • Price
  • Features
  • Appearance on wristband
  • Apps
  • Style

Best Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Charge 3

Without much further to do let me introduce you to Fitbit Charge 3. Basically, this black strap is an advanced version of charge 2. In addition to sleep and steps tracking which were the core features of charge 2, it comes is a dependable heart rate reader. This marvelous device puts smart features which are compatible with android, windows phone and iPhone. Fitbit Charge 3 gives you value for money and one the best purchase you can make so far.


Fitbit Charge 3 is a quintessential fitness tracker. It comes with great specifications which include seven days of battery life, ability to monitor heart rate and GPS support through a linked phone.

Some other great features include:

  • Great App
  • Suitable for multiple sports
  • Excellent heart rate reader
  • Provides overall fitness score
  • Contactless payments

This fitness tracker works best at the gym although it also comes in handy as a cycling tracker and running watch. However, to reap maximum benefit from this, you will need to use phone’s GPS.

Fitbit App

As if that is not enough, Fitbit charge 3 fitness trackers comes with an app, top scale general ecosystem, and social network. The tracker is designed for everyone ranging from walking mums to elite athletes. Fitbit app is a high end development though somehow too sprawling. It also provides a full diet and fitness program. The app features stands out among competitors’ thanks to reliable and quick syncs.

This awesome fitness tracker tracks both light and deep sleep, calories and also distance. But that is just a scratch on the surface as far as its capabilities are concerned. The wearable boasts of accurate heart rate reader that comes in handy for serious exercises. It is far much reliable more than most brands. If you stop, let’s say to tie your shoe, an auto pause feature pauses the exercise.

The app interface is custom tailored for wellness and fitness tracking. As if that is good enough, you can receive messages and calls. What’s more, is that you can get emails and social media notifications.

Fitness Targets

With Fitbit charge, you can set several goals and targets such as weekly targets and activity minutes. You can also check the amount of calories you’ve consumed by entering your meals on the tracker. Essentially, you can set how long or how far you need to cover to reach your goal.

One of the best features of this Fitbit’s band is the exercise auto detector that recognizes workouts automatically. Therefore you do not have to press buttons for every exercise you engage in.

GPS Connection

The tracker links your phone function and GPS to provide accurate distance and speed statistics. You can view all the metric on its grayscale touch screen display. The display is crisp and bigger than most fitness trackers out there. This GPS function, however, drains the phone’s battery. Since you must carry your phone along, people who prefer leaving their phones behind are not able to reap this benefit.

Overall Fitness Score

 Overall fitness score crowns it all. It shows you if you are getting fitter. The score is found on the heart rate section of the Fitbit Charge 3 app dashboard. It rates you by taking heart analysis during a vigorous exercise against the population. More importantly, it offers recommendations on keeping yourself more fit. It is a great choice if you want to monitor summer sports exercise and heath.

In addition to wearability, affordability, long-lasting battery, stupendous app, Fitbit Charge 3 also waterproof, unlike its predecessor. It is also sleek and stylish. Additionally, its lightweight and concave shape fit perfectly in the arm. It looks awesome on your hand. The band has all day step counting and heart rate monitoring.

On the downside, it has no inbuilt GPS and its capacitive button can be quite annoying. Also, the screen goes off in a fraction of a minute to save battery. You, therefore, stop seeing your cardio zone reading. The feature undermines what is otherwise a great fitness tracker.

Other Great Options

·         Garmin Vivosport

·         Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

·         Moov Now

·         Garmin Vivosmart 4


They will be many days of travel, so the assembly of the bag should be very thought out and strategic. Here are some tips on how to pack for a big trip.

How has everything ready for a long trip? When we set up the suitcase for a weekend getaway or a short trip, we put in there just a few changes of clothes, a more elegant garment, footwear and two or three essential elements of use. However, when we set up the suitcase for a long journey, the issue becomes more complicated. We must anticipate the needs of a long period of time in which we will have neither our wardrobe, or our shoes, nor accessories or items of daily use.

But while we can build a case for long trips in a simple and effective way. And, as I always recommend: you need first is a little planning.

The first is to look at the needs. You must consider what the accommodation, for example, to know if you need to bring bedding, blankets, pillows or even towels or personal hygiene items such as soaps, hair care products, and others. If you are going to stay in the hotel, see if they have the trouser press and hair dryer, to see if need to bring own, in the case soles use. We advise you not take “if” because they take up much room and, if you need them sporadically, you can apply at the hotel, cleaning clothes shops, or beauty salons.

Knowing the destination will also let you know if you should carry a basic first aid kit or more armed and compound. It is not the same kit which took him to a hotel that needed to travel tent. Similarly, knowing the destination will know their climatic conditions, allowing you to see if you should take strong, lightweight, coats or specific products, such as combing cream, insect repellent, sunscreen stronger or others.

What clothes to wear on a long trip?

Figures clothing depending on the activities. Remember that, in virtually any city; you can wash the clothing for reuse. While on a three-day trip loads with three to five sets of clothes, calculated on a long trip you can use the same outfit once a week, or two, or how you prefer. Choose clothes that combine well with each other, including footwear and accessories, to minimize the amount you should take. Also preferred clothing synthetic fibers, wrinkles less and can be used for longer without ironing.

Suitcase or backpack?

The choice of the case is another particular subject. You must surely have a good ability because you’re packing for extended trips. But at the same time, it should be comfortable to carry. Although rampant backpacks are large capacity, it will surely not be practical if your trip includes multiple locations or if you are staying in major hotels. Meanwhile, if your trip will be in tents and with many walks, the backpack will be much more advisable that the suitcase drag. The best are the suitcases or large bags with handles and wheels, which allow you to transfer easier, besides having great capacity.

How to distribute the items in the suitcase

To assemble the best case better placed the little delicate garments and footwear, as well as towels, sheets and so on, at the bottom of the bag (placed on a bed, on its side). Pants, jeans, and other customary garments must be well stretched on a flat surface and then rolled to avoid pronounced wrinkles and minimize the space they occupy. If you wear delicate garments, wrap them in white tissue paper, so they are not marked or dirty (or dye their) with other garments.

Remember to be efficient in packing: Put socks, scarves, accessories, belts and other inside the shoe. Put the underwear on the lid of the case, in a separate pocket to prevent damage or dirty, and to distribute it better, occupying less volume.

In hand luggage, fail to carry documents, papers, necessary medications and medical prescription, and also the elements of value and small technology such as cameras, video cameras, or wallet and credit cards, debit cards or checks traveler.

Let’s follow our tips. Good luck!


The course of a game of paintball is often the same from one field to another and is fairly simple to understand. First of all, if you have never practiced, I already advise you to read the article “safety rules” the Baba.

So when you start your first game, here’s how it will take place:

  • Removing material: pitcher, ball, pots, masks, air bottle (make sure it is filled in 2000 or 3000 PSI), and combination
  • Apply locally the instructions on organizers if someone in your group has made paintball
  • Fill your balls pots to have on during games
  • Test your equipment, if possible in a zone for some courses provide for shooting ranges
  • Visit a field, and set a scenario with your group
  • Find more best paintball gun

If you hit an opponent, and he shows that he was hit by an “out”, and he gets up, stop shooting him, nothing is more annoying to receive balls painful when we do play more. Remember that paintball is a hobby; do not take your head on the ground with an opponent who refuses to leave when you have touched.

If your turn you get hit and the ball break on you or your launcher, accept it and signify your opponent that you are out: paintball is played fair play, no need to remove traces of paint to continue play; you will have other opportunities to shoot the balls! So go to your regeneration zone without running up the pitcher, and once in the area, you can play normally.

At the end of the game, take stock of your reserves balls and air. If redone need topping up air does not start a game with less than 1500 PSI, you’ll risk being short.

Once finished the day, if your hardware is up to you, disassemble for transport (Canon and air cylinder).

Final advice for your first game if you have the opportunity, play only with beginners who have the same launcher you. I often organize meetings with beginners; they are unanimous (and it is logical) that they have more fun when there is no difference in level between the players. There is nothing worse than to start and get rolling; it gives no desire to start!

The terms of paintball

Here is a glossary of terms used in paintball, it is not exhaustive, so please help me to complete it:

Out: When one is affected, it is “out”. This is also what we shout to an opponent when it comes to the track

Exit the way: when is less than 5m, it is forbidden to shoot an opponent, then they shout “out” to indicate that he was released

Backpack: This is a pot holder, different vest because it can only carry the pots

Pitcher / Marker: it is the “weapon” used to launch the ball, it does not say “weapon” because it is not one!

Stock class: This is the first throwers

Chrony: a device used to measure the output speedball, it must not exceed 265.

Respawn / regeneration: it is the area where you begin the game when you hit you will return to this area by walking

Electro / Meca: the launchers can be mechanical, i.e., there are no electronic aids, so you can shoot the balls one by one, in contrast to Electronic when the rate of fire can be adjusted (up to 12 balls per second)

Loader: box which accommodates the balls, according to the models may be more or less changed to facilitate feeding of the balls in the pitcher

Camo / Neon: The camo (camouflage) is the paintball in the forest with launchers which can be customized, unlike fluorescent which is usually played on small fields with inflatable obstacles.

Calibre: the beads have all the same size: 0.68 inches in diameter. Except for certain stock, class requiring beads 0.43.

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