Carpet Cleaning is a necessary job, to your house clean. However, many people do not write how to clean properly and keep the life of the carpet. In this article I will introduce you some tips, besides that you can learn here to know about the cheapest IROBOT ROOMBA, it will be very useful in carpet cleaning.

For carpet clean house, the first thing to remember is cleaned immediately whenever carpet stain. When self-cleaning your carpet, Please note, first clean rags soaked in water use. Do not rub the carpet because such right will only help impurities crept deeper into the carpet fibers.

When the carpet was yellowing in some places, there are some ways at home following carpet cleaning that you can apply to blowing his nasty stains on the carpet:

  • For the new spot stains: a few drops of soda onto the stain, to foam for several minutes, then wipe thoroughly.
  • With long smudges, spray mixture consisting of 2 tablespoons of washing powder, three tablespoons vinegar and a quart of warm water.
  • You can also use shaving cream to bleach stains on the carpet, and then wipe gently with a damp cloth.

To keep the carpet clean requires thorough care little of the home. When the carpet is dirty you can use the above method to manually carpet cleaning at home, use a clean towel or paper towel covered in stains and heavy objects placed on it. When you replace-moistened towel dry towel.

Best every year to carry out the general hygiene carpet cleaning at least once. If you have kids in the house cat or dog must carpet cleaning more often (2-3 times / year). Before cleaning the carpet needs vacuuming thoroughly.

If the carpet is not too dirty, you can wash thanks to a spray bottle. Before use, check its color fastness test by spraying the cleaning solution onto the fewer small corner of the carpet. For a time, then use the white towel and rub. If color is not only a towel, keep the carpet clean. Follow the instructions on the bottle.

Note the Carpet Cleaning Them At Home

Typically used carpet long days, or flooded, it will smell. Especially when you cleaning carpet without being sucked dry thoroughly and then the next day will appear carpet odors. In this case the right to carpet cleaning techniques combined with dedicated machine deodorant chemicals, the high capacity if you use a vacuum cleaner sucking water stains in the carpet together.

In the process of using carpet will appear more stubborn stains, carpet cleaning methods usually do not clean them annoying to users. So you should look to reputable carpet cleaning service for advice. When auto carpet cleaning at home you need to distinguish each type of carpet to apply the correct ways to match the carpet cleaning:

For Wool Carpets

Len easily influenced by the alkaline detergent and cleaning wool rugs you need with a neutral detergent solution (pH 5.0-8.0) and to dry quickly.

For Cotton Carpets

Cotton rugs can allow for all cleaning methods, however, or the drying process is taking too long soaking in water will cause the shrinkage of cotton carpets.

For Silk Carpets

Need dry method, however, from silk material can be damaged by high temperature, pH (> 9) or sun exposure, and durability is reduced when wet…

For Carpets Made Of Vegetable Fiber

Carpets made from plant fibers such as cotton, jute, coir, coir … have similar characteristics as cotton can be washed by any normal measure, but the most popular are still dry suction cleaning with detergents or form plus foam sucked dry. To limit the fading or discoloration, use a cleanser with a pH below 7.5 and should not dry too fast. However, for this kind of disaster, you should use the services of professional carpet cleaning.

For Carpets Made Of Synthetic Fibers

Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions to select the appropriate method of carpet cleaning. Avoid using soap or laundry soap, dishwashing liquid, or any kinds of household cleaners to clean the surface which only uses wood flooring, ceramic tiled floor … To achieve the best performance in the toilet carpet, you need to regularly use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets before washing. Soluble solution usually requires 8-10 minutes to push the dirt out of the carpet surface.