When selecting a stereo head unit for your car, what do you care about most? Should you buy the latest model or should you buy a double din head unit for sale to save some money?

What are features that users often look for in a double din head unit?

  • Radio:
    • This is the most basic feature that any stereo head unit has, even before CDs and MP3 inputs was invented.
    • Even though nowadays, most stereo head units are capable of more advanced technology, the radio tuner is still one of the more important features.
  • Media playing capabilities:
    • Sound: Can the head unit play MP3 and other types of music format?
    • Video (CDs, DVDs…): Can the unit play video? How is the quality of the video? How many types of format can it play? Can the unit play videos when the car is on the go?
    • Display: Does it only have a LED screen or does it have a large touchscreen to play videos and view rear camera? How large is the screen? Is the screen fast and responsive enough?
  • Bluetooth:
    • Many users would love to have Bluetooth connectivity in their head units. Since the feature offers a wireless option to connect devices to the head unit. Users can then have control over their devices on the interface of the unit such as: Make phone calls, listen to and compose texts, access to the music library, receive directions…
    • How many Bluetooth devices can the unit support? Does the unit disown the Bluetooth devices whenever you turn off the engine?
  • Customizable controls on stereo: You might want to customize the sound to your liking by tweaking the sound of your music using the Equalizer sliders.
  • Steering wheel controls: Allows the drivers to change stations, adjust the volume…without having to take off their hands.
  • GPS capability: This feature is very helpful for those who are not good at directions.

How to find out the best stereo head unit for your car? Instead of just looking for the newest model that is integrated with many cool features that you are not going be able to make the most use out of it, why not prioritizing which features that you want the most? That way you can choose the most suitable head unit for your car and save some money at the same time.

Because let’s think about it, why would anyone want to spend extra money on features that you don’t need or find them annoying? And if you favor Android devices over iPhones but the latest head unit compliments iOS devices the best or does not support your devices at all?

Pioneer AVH-X2800BS

In-Dash DVD Receiver/ 6.2 inch LCD Display/ Bluetooth/ SiriusXM-Ready/ 13 band equalizer


Works with Spotify for iPhone and Android/ FLAC Audio playback/ Pandora / Bluetooth


  • Built-in Bluetooth: The Pioneer AVH-X2800BS offers convenient and safe Bluetooth experience for drivers. The unit can even support up to 2 devices at the same time.
  • Siri Eyes Free: Allows you to make calls, choose songs, listen and compose texts… by your voice.
  • Fast and responsive touch screen with Pioneer’s Touch technology and NEX interface: The 6.2 inch LCD screen plays videos in bright and clear detail when the car is in the park.
  • MIXTRAX: Creates a DJ mix of your tracks with DJ sound and lighting effects. This gives you a great experience of a Club party night right in your own car.
  • You can customize your own colors of illumination to match your mood or your interior lighting.
  • SiriusXM ready.
  • Backup camera.
  • Produces powerful and crisp sound and video: The Pioneer AVH-X2800BS has nice EQ settings.
  • Good design
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Many wires when it comes to playing DVDs, rear view and microphone.
  • A little laggy when switching music on iPhone with a USB.

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