Leaving the grass cut by the Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower is an option only for mulching. Your lawnmower chose, you need to ask you about the destination of the cut grass. Mulching offers the possibility of not having to pick up the lawn, some useful tips on mulching.

What is mulching?

Mulching is a multiple of the grinding method of the grass cut by the mower. It reduces the blades of grass into fine particles during the shearing and avoids the collection of grass.
Mulching is in the form of a lawn mower of equipment that produces a cut end of the lawn hash reducing it into small particles that fall to the ground and enrich as compost.

The mulching blade

Mulching is created by a unique blade and a casing of the ejection shutter. The mulching blade is equipped with specific blades and sharp double. The fins create a vortex of air that keeps the clippings suspended in the housing, and blades finely grind until the particles fall to the ground.

The ejection valve is a component that is on the mower deck and just hides out grass to prevent it from leaving and oblige him to stay in the housing ample time to fine chopping. These devices are most often sold in an optional mulching kit for your mower. Always ask before buying the machine with a mulching kit is for the coveted model. If the mulching kit is an option on most lawn mowers, there are factory fitted with variable mulching mowers.

Maneuvering a lever on the mower then lowered more or less ejection of the grass by the casing and holds it in suspension longer in the housing to be ground more finely.
If you opt for mulching, consider using more frequently the Ripper, the émousseur and lawn aerator.

Mulching or collection?

Always use one of these methods, mulching prevents the collection without mulching, pick. The cut grass left on the ground from a felt mat smothering grass and preventing water and nutrients to penetrate the soil and feed your grass.

Fermenting, the cut grass left on the ground would promote the emergence of mushrooms, lichens and fungal diseases that cause yellowing and dieback of the lawn. The grass collection is done during mowing through the collector.

Mower maintenance

Mowing quality, cutting speed and durability of the mower, maintenance guide elements of your lawn mower. Support of various parts of the mower is important. It will ensure the longevity of the mower and use. Now that you use your mower, you’ll have to perform specific maintenance of each item.

Whatever the mower housing material, the minimum of maintenance to be performed is an interior and exterior cleaning house after each mowing session. To clean inside the casing of the central mower, you will have to tilt the mower to access the interior of the housing.

Depending on the type of mower:

  • On a petrol lawnmower engine off, always be sure to disconnect the spark plug wire before servicing. Thermal mower must be tilted or behind the handle then resting on the ground or on the side where the muffler is located. The opposite side is where the air filter is always kept above the engine: it is essential to prevent the engine oil flows into the carburetor.
  • On an electric mower, make sure the power cord is disconnected or the battery removed.
    Always wear gauntlets for your hands and wrists will rub shoulders with the mower blade, cutting risks.

The housing of the cleaning is done with a wooden or plastic tool that will not scratch the casing, by dropping the grass glued to the housing. Then, a water jet will clean clippings.

After drying, always remember to spray inside and outside of the casing a waterproof lubricant (penetrating oil type) to avoid corrosion and to limit future hanging blades of grass. Enjoy having the waterproof bomb grease (penetrating oil type) hand to spray on cables and linkage of the handlebars and engine.

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