The origin of skateboarding

In truth, the ancestor of skateboarding has appeared in the 30s; it was called “scooter.”

At the time, no need to take skating lessons for fun had to improvise: the skate was kind of makeshift scooter that children whose parents do not have the financial means, had transformed: recovering two old shoes, had just nailed a crate and a bracket that served handlebar on skates.

After that, the handlebar was quickly abandoned because its function limited movement; it further served to support, not to direct the device as a true scooter.

For those who know the movie “Back to the Future,” a quick glance is made in the first episode of the trilogy where one discovers Marty McFly in the 50s chased by other young people who are in the car.

The hero then knows one of these scooters and pulls the handle to transform skateboard.

The surf mode

In the mid-50s, fashion is surfing and the, in particular, roll-surfing otherwise had the “surfboard”.

The first skateboards were created and used by surfers who wanted to continue surfing the days when there were no waves, so they defined the skate as from alternative to surfing the sidewalks: the “sidewalk surfboard” was born.

The 60s

Over the years and until the mid-60s, the skate will undergo many technological changes, whether both the material of the wheels than the board.

Its dimensions and forms will also change, which will help to gain popularity among the youth of the sixties.

A first brand embarks on marketing skate: Makaha Skateboards launched by Larry Stevenson is now considered the pioneer in selling skateboards.

The 70s

Without even skate courses exist, the first skateboarding competition was held in 1963, and the phenomenon becomes global.

With brands that develop also appear the first dress codes as the first shoes of the brand Van’s, we will cross all the skaters feet.

However, the California style began to tire and then skate experienced its first decline in popularity.

The 80s

Debit 80s, skateboarding, is forgotten.

The practice is still urban and skateboarders use the configurations of their city as they like to surf.

New techniques appear skate like jumping space, skipping steps.

At the same time, practice on the ramps is becoming increasingly popular, becoming fashionable but it remains a sport practiced by a minority of all aficionados.

The film “Back to the Future” brings back the day skateboarding, which tends to popularize it again.

The 90s

At that time one, skateboarding becomes more technical, ignoring the aesthetics and new figures appear as the flip or the switch that requires skating with the leg opposite to that call.

Skate over then begin to grow everywhere in France, Europe and worldwide.

Modern skateboarding was born, and nearly 20 new figures are listed in a few years as the kickflip or heelflip.

The hip-hop movement that knows an extraordinary success over the years allows the skateboard to know a popular revival: very large skateboarders contribute to this reputation like Tony Hawk, Mark Gonzales or Spike Jones.

The 2000s

For 15 years now, the skateboarding universe has nothing to prove to the public; it has become a fully-fledged sport, and a cool way to get around that is part of everyday life.

Its identity is stable for many, skateboarding; this is both a way of life, sports and culture that constantly seeks to evolve.

Regarding the aspect of skateboarding, it is also changed: the wheels are smaller, and even tinier and skateboards are called matches.

Each skater starts developing their own more or less inspired by the technical surfer style. If you want to update the latest review of best longboards for beginners, visit the website

Skate Anatomy (and skateboarder)

The skateboard is a wood board that is subject to metal bearings called “trucks” and 4 wheels plastic.

Skateboards differ in their decorations, including graphics.

Indeed, we do not skate in sportswear; we do not wear shorts or basketball: like surfing, skateboarding practiced with the only outfit that reflects a state of mind with specific symbols, colors variegated (especially in the 80s).

The clothing manufacturers understand and offer trouser styles, sweatshirts (with hoodie among others), shoes that are both cool and tough: the aim is to show that skateboarding is the extension the skater, an extension of your lifestyle and way of looking at the world.

Skateboarding is an object that can carry anywhere with you; it is used to move naturally, but it also allows to stage the body, to distinguish themselves from others by appropriating space and the environment.

Always on the move, the skater and skate are on the lookout for the unexpected, new feelings and new spatial configurations, new sensations. They quickly leave skate lessons to their experience.

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