Softball bats baseball bats differ from the barrel size and weight. It is important to distinguish between softball and baseball bats when you are choosing the best softball bats for you. Because they are physically different standards for the size, they are also different. Bat size depends on your height, weight, age, fast or slowpitch softball bat, and personal skill level.

Fastpitch vs. Slowpitch Softball Bat

There is two types of softball bats: fast and fast release step. Fastpitch bat has a “bottle design bat” that makes it resemble a bottle. The bat tapers from the barrel, which lasted for the more striking surface. Fastpitch bat is lighter for faster swing time.

One way to slow pitch bat is similar to baseball bats. Each has a softball bat Bat Performance Factor (BPF) to determine their level of performance. All softball bats must have a BPF of 1.20.

Determine Length

There are certain rules when it comes to softball size. For example, there is a letter under the second reference indicating the duration of the bat based on age: 24 to 26 inches for children from 5 to 7, then up to 34 inches to 17 onwards. You can also determine the length of his bat by your height and weight. This letter will give a full recommendation and accurate information on the size of your stick. You need to know your height in inches and your weight in pounds to use the table. A 65-inch is between 131 and 140 pounds needs a bat 33 inches, according to the table in the second reference.

Determine Weight

Most bats are weighted in ounces. The weight of a bat is known as its “fall.” Gout is the pole length less weight. There are standards set by the leagues that make a minimal decline for different age groups. But beyond that, the selection of his bat weight depends on its strength and style to hit. Young players must use a lighter bat, giving them a faster swing. Players younger citizens and older should also choose a lighter bat for ease of use. The larger, heavier and stronger players can use a heavier bat will allow them to put all of his strength in his stroke and swing.

How Does A Vice Softball Bat

Every softball player wants to get the most out of your bat. After a softball bat is connectedwith a ball of several hundred times, the fibers in the barrel section. This stretching action causes the softball bat to become much more powerful. However, instead of hitting a softball several hundred times, these fibers can be stretched placing the stick in a vice. Here’s how Vice softball bat so you can get the maximum power of your swing.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Softball bat
  • Bat vice or bat roller


  1. Insert the end of softball bat barrel in a vice. Enter the bat so that the top half inch looms across the vice bat. Mostly, you are aiming to roll the barrel of the bat and do not need to worry about the area around the cap.
  2. Tighten the tight grip on the bat as you would any vice. Make sure the pressure is firm without being extreme. Different types of softball have different wall thicknesses, so that the barrel of the bat, can handle more pressure. Read about the specifications of your boat to go to the website of the company that produces his bat. You will be able to find information about bat makeup, the length of the bat, bat, bat weight and wall thickness for major brands softball bats.
  3. Roll up the bat through the machine. Roll up the bat through the machine vice until you reach the thinnest part of the bat just above the hand grips. You may hear some cracks of light or explosion. This is positive since the fibers are stretched.
  4. Repeat rolling bat at least 100 times. To throw the bat properly, the pressure must be applied again and again. Slowly slide the bat back and forth until this is achieved.
  5. Reposition the softball bat. Because the pressure rollers only on a small area of the surface of the bat, the bat should be turned to make sure he was “faced” uniformly apply. Repeat this process until all the softball bat barrel has been removed.
  6. Try the stick. After the bat has been the vice president, take him to the batting cage. You should notice some extra pop when you hit the softball.