Brands and models there by the millions, either mountain, athletics or any sport are all based on the same principles, like the fleeces. Although there is much literature which is better or worse, the reality is that there are only a few manufacturers of fabrics so with different brands using different prices may be same fabrics for cheap graphic t-shirts

Some large chains have their sports shirts with prices well below those of major brands and I repeat do “almost the same.”

Where there is another place sometimes cheap cycling shirts in stores but you have to look fondly by most are specific designs for bike (sleeveless or windbreak membranes with that do not ever buy)

The trouble is there are none that turtleneck zipper is my favorite because if it’s cold harbor and neck more noticeable, and if it’s hot little neck open the zipper and events more than usual. The ideal place for me would be excellent and with turtleneck, one of my favorites is one of the Odlo brands is fine as a medium and has long necklace shirt

Brands more “posh” stores ……. mountain: Duofold, Helly Hansen, … are specialists Odlo clothing brands in the first layer, but all manufacturers have a north face, millet, etc. , etc., etc. Berghaus are easy to find all of them are great. They are expensive but walk, and prices all like that.

Oh, I forgot to rule all these synthetic shirts have a catch-all, it is those synthetics do that when we use the smell of sweat, I repeat all smell pretty, some have treatments to avoid it but in the end, they all tend to feel.

Finally a detail, you talk about that are somewhat resistant to water, forget about it, which is do not absorb water, all water resistant does not perspire (even read advertising), and here it is essential that our sweat away from your body, not to protect us from external moisture. The more or less waterproof garments always go abroad, i.e., always the last they are a layer.

An exception to this story are t-shirts Lana new generation. Wool is by far the best fabric for outerwear. Naturally, it Absorbs moisture very well, and its fibers do not collapse with it keeping to an individual capacity to shelter in addition to dry relatively quickly if the fabric is thin, but the best smelling and catch much less odor.

Until recently it was tough to make tissues and do not sting which added to the marketing year brutal synthetics manufacturers relegated to the extinction ADH.

But for some years the business landscape has changed, and a new generation of manufacturers have started marketing garments of fine wool and a nice touch that present behave in some things better than synthetic being a “natural” tissue so the smell does they are a great ally several days of activities in (e.g., crossings)

On the contrary, the price is high. They are more delicate fabrics (stretch and they make holes quickly) life is even shorter and faster overall synthetic dry long before are an option with its advantages is inconvenient to consider.

As to recommend brands is something I hate, because I only do things that I tried, and here there are so many brands, that is almost impossible to know them all.

I had Helly Hansen Shirts, Mammut, old, generic Polartec, Mollet, Duofold. All are more or less well and buy the best stay me.

The cheaper and better value for money are the decathlon for 9 euros or less and no short sleeves and repeat that alone already do 80% of the effect. I will start with a decathlon, and then we would go for other things the truth.

High prices may you be interested but I only wool recommend it to people who had clear what you want.

As for the net (what you call glued pants), first thing you need to know is that I only put under static conditions (little movement) or too cold, the legs are the most grateful part of our body, just to be standing our muscles. They are working (short course), and it ‘s hard to have cold legs, the only mountain, therefore. Usually, we put two layers (mesh and pants) when you scratch really.

The best and cheapest option is to look leggings athletic cut, comfortable warm and it is easier to find at a reasonable price, as always the decathlon has things well priced ( although the difference is not as large as the t) are more resistant than the inner mesh (of shelter) more aesthetic and more versatile, as having no-fly can use in more “public” environments, on the other hand can be a little colder than a first layer of coat as on t-shirts the main mistake is to buy too tight, not of a size but always more stretch fabrics proved because quite deceiving.