• Ninebot ONE E +

There is no doubt that Ninebot ONE E + electric scooter is the best one on the market all the time. This is an electric bike of a known and trusted brand by customers worldwide.

The electric scooter with a maximum speed of up to 22km / h, and with a full charge 2 hours, the car can run up to 35km. It really is a long way, compared with the average distance we walk every day. The electric scooter with a maximum load capacity of up to 120kg, however, one thing to remember is the one-wheeled electric scooter Ninebot ONE E + is designed to carry only one person each time.

The engine of the car was even well enough to run with an inclination of 18 degrees. This electric scooter’s weight is about 14kg.

The led show the two sides that are programmed and controlled via apps on mobile phone with Bluetooth connection. Additionally, you can quickly convert light status by tapping on the wheel itself. Frame wheel and pedals magnate of aluminum alloy high compression strength is cast monolithic and sharp corners or edges are not sharp edges to create the maximum safety for ordinary users. Handles are cleverly designed to hide in the wheel itself, can pull up easily. The scooter can be used in all weather conditions, whether hot sun, rain, or high winds. The whole electrical system is locked. You just wipe or spray water if your electric scooter gets dirty as it is used in the rain or some other conditions.

Vehicles can easily disassemble and change components when needed, even with components manufactured by you. Additionally, the intelligent alert system combined with light tone:

  • Speeding warning
  • Temperature warning
  • Low-battery warning
  • Damaged inside warning
  • Shaking warning

Moreover, the electric scooter is integrated with the turn signal lights and it is controlled via a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone.

This electric scooter is suitable for all ages and genders, however, the price can be seen as the biggest barrier between a buyer and such a great product like Ninebot ONE E+.

  • Ryno

You could choose the best electric scooter for your own purposes. There are many other choices available on the market that you can consider. You should take a look at Robert Nguyen’s blogto find more information as well as get some tips about the list electric scooter for adults.

Ryno is a personal one-wheel electric scooter, created to serve the transportation. It is safe and extremely easy to handle, relatively fast and flexible.

According to Membrane, Ryno Motors company started assembling 50 one-wheeled electric scooters, capable of balancing itself named Ryno. The electric scooter is equipped with a device called a gyroscope so that it could always prevent the electric scooter from being spilled. The control system moves according to the angle of the body of the driver. Every time charging, we could travel for a distance of about 30 – 48km with the maximum speed of 40km / h. The weight of the electric scooter is 57kg.

Previously, the company Ryno Motors declared to follow the mass production and the products will be sold for 3,500 dollars, but now adjusted up to 4,200 dollars due to the addition of a number of parts and assembly structure with an improved storage battery.

Air wheel X3 is the smallest electric scooter and lightest in its class self-balancing electric scooter with the brand Air wheel.


  • Equipment meets the technical standards: CE, UN38.3, ROHS, MSDS
  • Motor power: 400W
  • Maximum speed: 18 km / h – When you reach and surpass the speed 12km / h, the warning system will be activated.
  • The maximum distance to be traveled after each full charge: 18 – 23km – Distance depends on the weight of the driver and the road conditions.

130Wh: 15-18km

170Wh: 18-23km

  • Ability to go to the slopes: Tilt 15 ° – 18 ° depending on the weight of the driver; the driver weighs 60kg, Air wheel can incline 18 °
  • Maximum load: 120kg
  • Temperature ranges the device can operate: -10 ° C – 40 ° C
  • Battery capacity: 130 / 170Wh
  • Battery type: Sony / Sanyo Li-ion Technology Japan – Reliability 1800 charge with 3.8 times higher durability compared to conventional lithium batteries
  • The input voltage for the battery charger: AC 220V 50-60Hz
  • Full charge time:

130W Battery: 90 minutes (80% Fully charged: 60 minutes)

170W Battery: 120 minutes (80% Fully charged: 90 minutes)

  • Dimensions: 450 * 395 * 160mm
  • Weight: 9.8kg
  • Wheel diameter: 360mm
  • Table height leg: 115mm – The step is made of aluminum materials used in aviation
  • Waterproof – Dust: IP56 Standard – Can be used to move the rain Air wheel small
  • Accessories included: Battery Charger, Wheels for beginners to use, pump valve wheel
  • Color: Black / White
  • Warranty: 12 months (Battery: 6 months)

Safety Mode

  • Protection system when the car is tilted

When electric vehicles Air wheel tilted 45 ° to either side (which can happen when you are on the curve/turn), the control system will activate protected mode: Motor will stop to avoid injury to you.

  • Speed control

To avoid injury to the user if moving too fast, Air wheel will limit the maximum speed. When the moving speed exceeds 12km / h, the front desk to the foot section will improve slowly (leaning backward) and when speeds exceed 16 km / h, this will pedal at an angle of 10 ° so you cannot increase the speed.

  • Protecting the remaining battery capacity is low

When the remaining battery capacity below 15%, 4 led will blink and Air wheel will beep. The front desk to the foot section will descend force you to slow down and eventually stop it. Do not try to move forward with Air wheel if the battery cannot end abruptly and you could be falling.

  • Warning

When tilting vehicle protection system is activated, prolonged beep will sound and the led indicator lights in the open source buttons will flash continuously. The control system will not allow you to continue to speed up.